I was told by a man that worked with Oak Ridge Nuclear Plant in Tennessee that in the late 30's or early 40's he helped test a small Nuclear Bomb in the Smokey Mountain National Park. This test was done at what was called the Spence Fields at the head of Eagle Creek. The Government denies this of course but citizens of the North Shore as far away as Chamber Creek even Forney Creek said they remember one Sunday morning that the earth moved they felt this on the same morning the man said this test occurred. This area has been tested for activity forty years later and we were told it tested some activities in the soil and timber. We do not know truth of Fiction but I do believe this man. We have asked for information from our Government but they say TOP SECRET FILES.

We hear in Swain County have one of the highest rates of Cancer in the United States Why? Could it be because of this test? We know that timber does not grow in the Spence Fields! Why?

Remember our citizens in Swain County gave up all we had so a bomb could be built in Oak Ridge, Tennessee to help end World War II.

David Monteith