For the first time to buy a property, you probably wondering why quite a few people choose to buy a condo unit in a way everyone wants the unit to be located on the top or ground floor. Or why not consider the middle floors are not desirable. Below you will see the rationale behind it.

The Positive sides of a Condo unit on the ground floor

Better accessibility

There is no need to use the elevator, that means you can zip in and out of your unit in a flash. Also, give convenience for guests, especially during public holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. That’s the time where you need to wait for your turn for the elevators. Though each condo provides two or more elevator but living on the ground floor can save you from major inconvenience. 

You may have more space

Other condominiums have a Private Enclosed Space around ground floor units, which gives you a little more room compared to other floors. Another advantage you may have the option of being more liberal with potted plants, or other decorative ornaments you’d like to put on ledges. Make sure you get high efficiency appliance and have A PLus Appliance Repair service warranty to keep them running optimally 

Easy to clean exterior surfaces

You have a fast access to clean the windows and air-con compressor regularly. Completely possible to live in the ground floor unit.

The negative sides of a condo unit on the ground floor

Increased exposure to vermin

The main problem living on the ground floor units, very much expose from insects such as rats, cockroaches, mosquitos, lizards. And every kind of animals and insects which is most likely to be found on the ground floor. The owner living on the ground floor must be proactive with their anti-pest measures. As well as, work closely with the condo’s managing agent to nip a potential pest infestation in the bud. Pest Control Miami will take care of any possible pests!

Higher activity and noise levels

There are people passing by the front door every other minute. The elevator lobby maybe at the front of the doorstep and have neighbors peering in ever so often. The playground or pool nearby may deliver an incessant cacophony of screaming voices.

Choosing a top floor condo unit

The positive sides of a condo unit on the top floor

Jaw dropping views

Living on the top floor of the condo has the most light and the best views. This is the other reason why people pay top dollar for a higher unit and penthouse units. 

More peaceful habitation

With peace and quiet free from the noise of the traffic and people walking along the lobby. 

More Air

The unit located on the top floor can experience more air and light to enter the unit. AC Repair Plantation has you cooled!

More privacy

Living on the top floor you can more or less leave the windows open. The only person who can glimpse is the other person on the other block with a pair of binoculars.

Little falling from above

Unlike the owner on the ground floor may be subjected to a constant rain of litter. Such as cigarette butts, unsecured pieces of laundry, bits of food, and many other garbage lands on the windows. Owner on the top will not experience this.

The negative sides of a condo unit on the top floor

Long wait for the Elevator

If one of the elevator breakdown or a neighbor is moving out or in. Owner living on the top will may occasionally experience this.

To close, for investors is a simple decision, look at the price between both floors, then make an informed decision from there. The future owner makes the depends on the needs of the family.

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